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Taurus Carry On Movement

PH Factor:
Every movement has a voice, but not every one has yours.
  • We have the right to protect and defend ourselves and our property without infringement

  • Love my Public Defender-I take it everywhere I legally can!

  • Curtis Crews5 days ago

    Any info on a PT1911 that has no logos supposed to be a promotional issue?

  • Luis Diaz6 days ago

    Finally! A sunny but hot weekend. Everyone enjoying the gun show in Charlotte, NC this weekend?

  • Mark P7 days ago

    .40 24/7 Pro owner seeking others that have customized/personalized your Taurus

    • Luis Diaz Hey Mark. How did you change the picture for your avatar? I've been trying to figure it out but can't seem to. Thanks!
  • Josh Howton10 days ago

    My daily carry is pt 24/7 .45 ACP

    • DAVID COMER That's what I carry sometimes. Light,powerful,accurate.
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