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Taurus Carry On Movement

PH Factor:
Every movement has a voice, but not every one has yours.
  • William Novak1 day ago

    My Ph factor should also include my .380 & 9MM not just my .45 of which all are Taurus models. PT738 PT111 Millenium Pro and PT145 Millenium Pro and the 24/7 G2 Compact if I can find one!

  • William Novak1 day ago

    I sent back my recoil spring for my new PT145 a couple of weeks ago. But no luck getting a replacement. There are many improvements Taurus should make to thier website. Such as repair status should include replacement parts that do not need the firearm to be sent back. Plus complete parts lists with current prices so customers can order parts online. An email link to customer service and better processing. For example I purchased 2 spare magazines for my PT738 and it took 1 1/2 months to get them. Yet its been a month and a half since getting them but my check has not been deposited yet. These things are frustrating and shows a lack of professionalism. I also am shopping for the 24/7 G2 Compact 45 but can not find one within a 100 mile round trip without buying it unseen or handled. I think FFLs should just order them in so customers don't have to pay interest on thier credit cards while waiting over a month for the gun to come in. Then deciding to not buy and waiting for a refund! Sounds political to me.

  • William Novak1 day ago

    Knowing that Taurus supports the 2nd ammendment. It is thier responsibility to insure replacement parts are stocked and on hand for quick shipment. So the customer can maintain a safer CC daily EDC.

  • david stone3 days ago

    I just purchased the PT140G2. it is advertised that it comes with the 11+1 Mags but mine was a 10+1 mag. Anyone else have the same issue

    • William Novak Hi David. When researching a gun. Go to and click on the manufacturers link and find the gun that way. They give better descriptions than most manufacturers websites.
  • Mike Courtney4 days ago

    Taurus has had my 380 since May 20. Finally decided, July 3, that it is not reparable, and that they are shipping me a new one. A week ago, I was told it would, probably, ship Monday last, and that I would get an email confermation of shipping to my FFL. So far, neither he, nor I, have heard anything. When I try to call the last guy with whom I spoke, he doesn't answer. Based upon prior experience, I bought a dependable weapon. That is not what I received. Quality control, and customer service, at Taurus, need a serious overhaul. My son's 24/7 G2 is getting ready to go back, to Miami, for the third time. If I ever get my replacement, I am seriously contemplating selling it NIB, because I've lost all confidence in US made Taurus weapons. My Brazilian Taurus weapons work quite well.

    • William Novak My experience with Customer service has been agrivating trying to get them on the phone. If I had a land line Versus cell phone I could at least use the tollfree number. But wasting my minutes is frustrating.
  • Peter Stanford5 days ago

    Carry On Don't give up!!!!

    • Peter Stanford I'm new to carry on and I'm a member of a gun club in CT.
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